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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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A Path to Long-Term Success with Blockchain Apps

January 11, 2019


Are we just not understanding what potential Dapp users truly want? Are we making changes that are too ahead of their time? Are we actually developing products that people can use? Blockchain developers, especially those working on decentralized applications, should be asking themselves these questions and more as they work to shift the era of the app-driven life toward being the era of the Dapp-driven life.

Still, by all accounts, these questions all lead to one central conclusion which we have mentioned before. Current Dapp user numbers clearly show that people have not yet been adequately incentivized to move from their trusted mobile applications to those which are supported by the blockchain.


In a simpler sense, no one seems to have gotten close to answering what makes blockchain-driven apps more special and more appealing to the average consumer than traditional apps. Yes, they are generally more secure. Yes, they enable the user to truly own his or her data as well as, in a sense, the application itself. Despite these facts however, it seems that something is missing.


A few hours ago, CoinDesk penned an article that posits a three-fold approach to solving the issue of scaling Dapps. In it, the writer Yin Wu counsels that developers should: focus on building true products or at least minimum viable products before they go live, avoid letting users completely dictate what they do, and focus on making the development process as clear and efficient as possible over obsessing over the end-goal too far in advance.


The single conclusion that appears to rise to the head of the pack here is that for Dapp development to truly succeed, developers need to balance listening to user feedback with avoiding letting users control the entire development process. As Wu says, “give them what they want, not what they ask for.”


Puzzling out how to do this is far from easy. If it were, then every innovative business would succeed. Perhaps a good starting point would be to go back to the drawing board in terms of how to structure the development process. Just because the blockchain industry is a novel space, does not mean that it has to avoid using time tested methods like agile software development. Mixing some of the old with the new could lead to something great, including less of a divisive blockchain culture going forward.


In the end, embracing an inclusive yet focused development culture could lead to the same type of overall industry culture being formed going forward. Creating the killer Dapp could be as simple as changing the way it is built.




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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