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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Why Institutional Investors Went to Crypto

January 23, 2019


If you spoke to a group of powerful investors about why they invested in crypto, what do you think they would say? CoinDesk publicized information today on the 100 interviews that a venture capital firm called Arca Funds had, to attempt to figure this question out.


The greater part of their conclusions are actually quite striking for the average crypto investor. First, Arca found that the majority of the institutional investors that they interviewed want to continue to be in crypto, even with the bear market continuing for over a year.


Perhaps more importantly, Arca found that at the same time, the majority of these investors are lacking in experience with cryptocurrencies. While this is not exactly surprising, given that the industry has really only been around since shortly after 2013, what is surprising is the variations in investor experience that Arca found.


According to them, this group was split along three lines with some having basically no knowledge of cryptocurrencies, some measuring the performance of crypto funds in a similar way to how they would measure traditional funds, and others that have considerable experience in crypto.


Upon digging a bit deeper into Arca’s findings, two similarities come to light that resound across the group. First, all of the investors who were interviewed apparently believe that if you are for crypto, then you are largely betting against the traditional financial system. Second, they all apparently believed in crypto as both a new kind of asset and a new kind of financial infrastructure.


With this in mind, even though it is not explicitly said, it would be reasonable to conclude that this particular group of investors largely believes in Satoshi’s vision, minus the idea that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will eventually completely unseat the traditional financial system. 



By: BGN Editorial Staff

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