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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Morgan Creek Capital Brings Pensions to the Blockchain

February 12, 2019


Some investors are just too risk-averse to consider cryptocurrencies a worthwhile investment. That’s something we have all heard before, right? Until today, this proclamation seemed to ring true time and time again, over the course of the crypto market’s history. Then came Morgan Creek Capital with a significant announcement early this morning.


Even if you do not know Morgan Creek Capital, you probably still know Anthony Pompliano, at least, if you have spent any time on Crypto Twitter. Pompliano or “Pomp” has essentially set himself up as a sort of crypto version of Warren Buffet, with a lower, yet still high net-worth.


Crypto investors trust him and his predictions related to the future of the industry. With that in mind, especially since they made their $1 million bet on crypto over the traditional stock market, it seems like Morgan Creek has been gaining closer and closer to being considered amongst the leaders in crypto investing.


Lending credence to that possibility is the fact that today, it was already announced that Morgan Creek has attracted two pension funds as investors to its’ newest venture fund, which is now worth $40 million. The interesting part about this is that not only are the two funds worth more than  $5 billion combined, they represent the chief retirement fund for police officers in Virginia and the chief retirement fund for employees in Fairfax County, Virginia.


If state governments support such investments, even though they literally risk the livelihood of thousands of state employees, how long will it take for national government agencies to follow suit? Related to this, how high will Morgan Creek rise?


Will it be far enough to finally garner a response from Warren Buffet?




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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