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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Market Update (28 February 2019)

February 28, 2019


General Market Outlook


The market continues to consolidate with coins split between positive and negative gains, where still a significant number of coins are seeing strong double digit gains. Trading volume has risen by over $4 billion, now trending between $24 billion and $27 billion in 24 hours. ABBC Coin (ABBC), Nexo (NEXO) and Ravaincoin (RVN) are the major stand outs of the top 100 coins by market cap - up over 129%, 13% and 11% respectively in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin (BTC) is right around $3,850 for no significant change and a total market dominance of about 52.1%, and Ethereum (ETH) is just under $240 for -2.0?% change in the past 24 hours. Market cap for the overall cryptocurrency market ? over $? billion, rising/falling to $??? billion total.



Major Headlines


Blockchain For Educational Records


One of the major use cases for blockchain technology is to provide a method for data to be immutable and easily authenticated in automated processes. Two of the biggest global tech companies are now bringing this blockchain process to the education system to help prevent faked educational records. Sony Global Education, Fujitsu Ltd. and the Fujitsu Research Institute are currently evaluating the utility of a blockchain platform to manage course records and exam grades. The Human Academy, an educational institution that serves foreign students is also involved in the pilot project. Specifically, the trial will track foreign students aiming to study in Japan by having them take a course preparing for the Nihongo Kentei language proficiency test. The platform will utilize Fujitsu’s digital learning platform. Fisdom*2 records data including study logs and test grades which will then be stored and managed on a blockchain.


Lightning Torch Keeps On Passing


As an active and engaging form of digital marketing and community building, a system of “passing the torch” has begun for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The Bitcoin LN is a second layer to the Bitcoin network that allows for instant transactions, fewer fees, and simple integration to websites as use as a payment processor. Passing the torch represents passing building a fire, but with Bitcoin payments. With each pass, the individual adds more to the transaction as they pass that transaction on to another person. Individuals involved have been high-profile supports of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Most recently, the digital assets team at financial giant Fidelity Investments and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman have made passes. The experiment kicked off in January off by an enthusiast, “Hodlonaut” on Twitter, and has since been passed among prominent members of the crypto community and globally known individuals including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


HTC Crypto-Phone Now Available For USD


Cryptocurrency-focused phones were only a concept just a year ago. Now there are several phones competing for the market of cryptocurrency users looking for a phone that can operate as hardware and mobile wallet. The HTC Exodus was one of the first releases, and initially, was only sold for BTC. However, as other phones have since been released, HTC is now offering Exodus for $699 USD. Along with that announcement, the company said that the phone will now come integrated with the Opera web browser, which was re-designed specifically to streamline cryptocurrency use.



Top 5 Gainers


ABBC Coin (ABBC) +128.20% at $0.348163

Stakinglab (LABX) +103.55% at $2.22

Hdac (HDAC) +68.84% at $0.051396

Tigereum (TIG) +68.22% at $0.037536

MidasProtocol (MAS) +62.17% at $0.007880



Top 5 Losers


AiLink Token (ALI) -31.81% at $0.000110

Bigbom (BBO) -25.37% at $0.000939

Phore (PHR) -24.72% at $0.116151

BABB (BAX) -24.58% at $0.000168

PlayCoin [ERC20] (PLY) -22.91% at $0.024525



New Coins Listed


No new coins listed today.




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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