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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Liquid.com Becomes Latest Crypto Unicorn

April 3, 2019


There’s Blockstream’s Liquid network and then there’s the Japanese Liquid network, which is essentially a parent company of several crypto exchanges at once. Both are very different from each other and yet only one is now valued at $1 billion. 


Today, CoinDesk reported that with the help of Bitmain and a fund called IDG Capital, the latter Liquid network has raised a Series C round that has increasedits’ overall valuation to $1 billion. Asking why this particular company deserves such a lofty status is a logical at this juncture.


CoinDesk’s report on the subject simply states that Liquid aims to “make financial services accessible to all,” then going on to add that Liquid will be the facilitator for anyone to easily get involved in cryptocurrencies. 


The problem with such a promise is that others have been executing on it for years and doing so with a large amount of success. Take the Stellar networkfor example. It started its’ efforts in 2014and is now the 9thmost valuablecryptocurrency on the market, with powerful institutional partners like IBMand about 200 others. 


As if this wasn’t enough, we then have the efforts of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are crypto’s de-facto titans. Though they take different approaches to achieving widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies as payment methods, with Bitcoin focusing on its’ first mover advantageand Ethereum focusing heavily on Dapps, both have been growing and essentially leading the market since its’ inception. 


Beyond this, the list goes on, essentially forever. What crypto project doesn’t want to be the one to start the snowball towards true widespread adoption? Because of all of this, it will be a tall order for Liquid to earn its’ valuation, though perhaps it can do so through finding a more specific niche in terms of how it wants to incentivize adoption. 




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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