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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Self-Driving Cars and The Blockchain: Accelerating the Inevitable?

April 8, 2019


The blockchain’s most basic usage is as a digital ledger that immutably takes in, validates, and stores data. Therefore, any suggestion that a use case involving these processes is novel is a fallacy. Even so, with the right partnerships, the simplest implementation can become the most important.


To understand why this is true, consider one particular, highly specific case that was introduced by CoinDesk today. Apparently, some of the world’s biggest car companies will be working together with the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative to establish a “data-sharing” platform for autonomous vehicles.


The creation of such a platform is, in fact, likely essential for self-driving vehicles to go mainstream. The magic elixir of sorts to make sure this happens involves mixing the blockchain with an artificial intelligence system to create a secure, self-learning, self-sustaining environment for storing live data from AVs.


The sheer volume of data that experts believe is needed to make self-driving cards safe to drive necessitates this sort of environment. While it’s impossible to pin a number to this pronouncement since something of this magnitude has likely never been done before, think about how much we need to pay attention to, to safely drive.


After that, consider everything a car needs to be able to do to keep its’ driver and its’ passengers safe on the road. Once people lose control of the car itself, the brakes have to react on their own, the turns have to be made on their own, as does everything else.


Inside of all of these movements is an even more troubling necessity. Without a human driver, the car will now need to react on its’ own to any sort of disturbance on the road, most of which are close to impossible to predict without an impossibly high number of data points to learn from.


Considering this, the aim of BMW, GM, MOBI, and others to bring the blockchain to the AV space is noble and will help things along, but it will not make these vehicles safe on its’ own. In the end, the cars will need to try and fail before they succeed because that’s the essence of learning and in turn, the most troubling fact of all.




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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