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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Civic(CVC) Cements Its’ Primary Use Case

April 23, 2019


Since 2017, Vinny Lingham and the Civic(CVC) team have been making claims about how their project will change the way we think about and deal with our identities online. Until this March, however, it was easy to argue that the Civic token had little to no active use case.


In early March at the South by Southwest festival, the Civic team debuted three beer vending machines that were able to verify a user’s age over the blockchain and work with crypto payments. Reportedly, these machines will be purchasable sometime at the end of this year. Since the price point will be $15,000, it is reasonable to expect that only large-scale retailers will try these machines out, at least at first.


Today, it was announced that Lingham and the Civic team have expanded upon this by closing a deal for 1,000 of these machines to be sold to 12 different businesses. According to the same report via CoinDesk, Civic expects all of the machines to be live by the end of the year. Therefore, in the end, Civic will be debuting its’ technology in whatever these stores are, while endeavoring to sell their machines to others at the same time.


Lingham claims that Civic’s technology will save owners of various kinds of vending machines, significant amounts in transaction fees. With this, the question becomes: is Civic’s offering much more than one of the most simple usages of the blockchain?


With the knowledge that these machines accept crypto payments via the Civic Pay app and verify age in the same fashion, the answer is likely no, at least for now. Age can be stored in-app, but connected to Civic’s native chain, so that it can be possibly retrieved from a storage system like the Interplanetary File Storage System, off-chain.


None of this is active on the open market yet. Even so, 2019 marks the first year that the Civic project has really made an effort to tie its’ technology to real-world needs, keep your eyes on the project as all of this unfolds. 




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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