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The Problem with Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

October 16, 2018

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Crypto Market Update (24 April 2019)

April 24, 2019


General Market Outlook


The market has made a significant downturn. Nearly all coins are in the red with trading volume rising to between $55 billion and $56 billion in 24 hours. Basic Attention Coin (BAT) and DAI (DAI) are the major stand outs of the top 100 coins by market cap - up over 5% and 2% respectively in the past 24 hours. The value of Bitcoin (BTC) is right at $5,500 for -2.0% and a total market dominance of 54.7%, and the value of Ethereum (ETH) is nearly/just over/roughly/right at $165 for -5.5% change in the past 24 hours. Market cap for the overall cryptocurrency market declined by almost $8 billion, rising/falling to $177 billion total.



Major Headlines


Rakuten Cryptocurrency Exchange


Where Amazon is the leading digital retailer in the United States, Rakuten is the leader in Japan. However, the company is taking a much more progressive approach to cryptocurrencies. Back in 2015 the company integrated Bitcoin payments with their own processing platform called Bitnet. The company has been developing a cryptocurrency exchange for some time now and has now finally begun accepting account registrations. One of the primary requirements is that customers have an account at Rakuten Bank or who already have a Rakuten member ID. Initially it is web based, but the company plans to release a mobile app version to give customers full access to services for transactions, trades, withdrawals and deposits.


Blockchain Employee Benefits With Accenture


Although there has not been significant exposure from Accenture, the company has been developing real world use cases for blockchain technology over the past several years. Most recently the company has partnered with an Italian insurance group called Generali to launch a blockchain solution that brings employee benefits into the digital age. The Generali Employee Benefits Network offerings is now facilitated by a blockchain based network. This platform includes insurance cover for life, disability, accident and healthcare. It uses smart contracts and automated reconciliation to reduce the cost of transactions fees and paperwork for the company and their employees. “The use of blockchain technology allows for a truly connected ecosystem and a seamless partnership between clients, advisers, local insurers and Generali. Blockchain will change not only our network but the employee benefits industry as we know it.” - Generali Employee Benefits CEO, Sergio Di Caro


eToro Launches 8 Stablecoins


Social media has pervaded every industry, creating such strong influence, that eToro created their cryptocurrency platform to directly integrate its presence. The platform allows user to mimic trades of other users and provides mediums for user engagement. Recently the company has taken a step in a different direction with stablecoin development. Using eToroX, users can exchange from 37 crypto-to-fiat pairs and for up to 8 stablecoins including the eToro United States dollar (USDEX), eToro Japanese yen (JPYX) and eToro Euro (EURX), with others available for pounds Sterling; Australian, Canadian and New Zealand dollars; and the Swiss franc. “Just as eToro has opened up traditional markets for investors, we want to do the same in the tokenized world. […] Blockchain will eventually ‘eat’ traditional financial services through tokenization.” - eToro CEO and co-founder, Yoni Assia



Top 5 Gainers


Halloween Coin (HALLO) +340.85% at $0.000161

Posscoin (POSS) +136.11% at $0.000002

OVCOIDE (OVC) +122.06% at $0.627375

Bean Cash (BITB) +94.39% at $0.002167

OKCash (OK) +57.70% at $0.030543



Top 5 Losers


S4FE (S4F) -58.24% at $0.193113

Japan Content Token (JCT) -43.29% at $0.018899

Super Edge (ECT) -38.69% at $0.000060

Playcoin [ERC20] (PLY) -34.17% at $0.019595

Playcoin [QRC20] (PLY) -34.16% at $0.019595



New Coins Listed


KaratGold Coin (KGC) listed to Bit-Z




By: BGN Editorial Staff

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